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      Corporate news

      1. 26 2018-10

        Solve power/signal common transmission pain point, saige launched th

        During the construction of traditional public broadcasting, because there is a magnetic field around the power transmission line, if the power transmiss...

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      2. 05 2018-10

        Celebrate National Day good news -- saige group helps ningbo metro l

        Ningbo rail transit line 3 is a subway line under construction in ningbo, zhejiang province, with a total length of 25.86 km and a total of 21 stations....

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      3. 20 2018-09

        Flowers and trees do not speak, only deep green -- stand in the gree

        Winding path leads to seclusion, the zen room is deep in flowers and woods, and the chanting path leads to seclusion and luxuriant in flowers and trees....

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      4. 18 2018-09

        Ningbo zhibo curtain down, seg achievements!

        China smart city technology and application products expo (hereinafter referred to as "smart city") is the first national key exhibition with ...

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      5. 14 2018-08

        Seg assisted Beijing new airport project to expand the application f

        Beijing daxing international airport, also known as the second international airport of Beijing and the new airport of Beijing, is a super-large interna...

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      6. 23 2018-07

        "Ecological livable, garden dream" -- saige join hands with nanning

        Founded in 1997, China international garden expo (hereinafter referred to as the garden expo) is a high-level event in the landscape industry jointly he...

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      7. 06 2018-07

        Saige group assisted jiqing high-speed railway to build shandong "th

        Jiqing high-speed railway, referred to as jiqing high-speed railway, is the first high-speed railway invested by local governments in China and an impor...

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      8. 21 2018-06

        Meet 5G intelligent age, saige 6A network line power new life!

        With the continuous development of science and technology, the 2 and 3G networks that used to be used by most people will gradually drop out of the stag...

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      9. 14 2018-05



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      10. 14 2018-05


               2018年3月25日,湖南縱橫網絡有限公司胡總一行蒞臨賽格集團參觀考察。集團董事長朱增明先生及長沙樂總進行了熱情接待。       在參考考察過程中,集團通過多種形式,介紹了賽格的企業文化、...

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