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      Talent training

      The main contents of talent training are as follows:

      1. Introduce the business history, purpose, scale and development prospects of the enterprise, encourage employees to work actively and contribute to the prosperity of the enterprise;

      2. Introduce the company's rules and regulations and post responsibilities, so that employees consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations in their work, and conduct all work according to the rules, standards, procedures and systems formulated by the company. Including: salary, bonus, allowance, insurance, vacation, medical treatment, promotion and transfer, traffic, accident, appeal and other personnel provisions; welfare scheme, job description, job description, working conditions, operating standards, performance standards, job evaluation mechanism, labor order and other work requirements.

      3. Introduce the organizational structure and power system within the enterprise, the service coordination network and process among different departments, and the processing feedback mechanism of relevant departments. To enable new employees to clearly communicate information and submit suggestions in the enterprise, so that new employees can understand and familiarize themselves with the functions of various departments, so that they can accurately communicate with relevant departments in future work, and at any time be able to make suggestions or complaints about problems in their work;

      4. Business training to familiarize new employees with and master the main skills and relevant information needed to complete their own work, so as to be competent for the job quickly;

      Fifth, introduce the scope of business, main products, market positioning, target customers, competitive environment and so on to enhance the market awareness of new employees.

      6. Introduce the safety measures of enterprises, let employees know what the safety work includes, how to do a good job in safety work, how to find and deal with the common problems in safety work, and improve their safety awareness;

      7. Communication of corporate culture, values and objectives. Let new employees know what the company opposes, encourages and pursues.

      8. Introduce the norms of employees'behavior and behavior. Such as requirements on professional ethics, environmental order, work and rest system, expenditure regulations, contact and service terms, appearance, mental outlook, speech, dress, etc.

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