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    SShaoXing County Saiyu Textile Co.,Ltd

    About Us

    ShaoXing County Saiyu Textile Co.,Ltd  is a modern knitting manufacturer specializing in the production of knitted fabrics.It integrates industry and trade, and has a perfect inspection department to meet the inspection requirements of different countries to ensure the export quality of fabrics.

    The company is located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City,which is the largest fabric trading market in Asia,25km from Xiaoshan International Airport, 3km from Shaoxing Exit of Hangyong Expressway. The transportation is very convenient for customers to come to exchange and  talk over.

    90% of our customers are Japanese customers. They mainly supply the fabric purchase demand of Japanese commercial companies. According to our customers' demand, we have accurate knowledge of Japanese clothing requirements and corresponding fabric standards and are equipped with professional business personnel for follow-up communication and testing. It can produce accurate inspection report, which is convenient for garment factory to follow up the inspection report and arrange the accurate cutting work.

    At present, we have added a lot of strong products from the most basic category of autumn and winter knitted fabrics, such as knitted rib clothing fabric and functional bird eye sports fabric.

    In autumn and winter fabrics, knitted fleece has always been a very large proportion, including three thread french terry and spun velvet, which are the most important fabric types of autumn and winter sweater / coat. Welcome customers to talk over and purchase, we have fine categories and production capacity to meet all kinds of high demand orders.

    We have a very strong team to provide the best service!

    Only waiting for the arrival of customers and friends!


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